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The future of darts

The world’s smartest Auto Scoring Dart System seamlessly integrated with a state of the art darters experience platform is coming to town.

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    The highest accuracy in the market

    Our fully autonomous auto-scoring dart ring will disrupt the online dart community in its current state. Using unparalleled triangulation techniques and point of entry algorithms we have achieved the smallest error margin on the market.


    The WEDO Ring  fits every board

    When developing our ring we said to ourselves that every dartboard must fit and there should be no hassle to buy a  specific dartboard or buy a new one to get started. Well here we are! We’ve got him 😉


    From darters  for darters

    We are developing our solution in close collaboration with top darts players from the get go and we will continue to work closely with them to ensure we stay on top and more importantly we focus on what is most important for them when playing a game online or tournament.


    A world class engaging experience

    At WEDO we are building the most powerful auto scoring and darters experience platform for darts players, enthusiasts, tournaments and fans worldwide. Think of the standard games to fun social games, player dashboards, 100% anti cheat solution to boost online tournaments, live social video feed, social timeline, training modes and many more to come


    Groundbreaking price

    We believe that the joy of playing darts should be accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve crafted a pricing model that caters to the diverse community of dart enthusiasts. Our aim is to foster a community where the love for darts unites us, and our pricing reflects this commitment. We deliver our cutting edge dart autoscoring system and world class darters experience platform against the lowest price point in the market without sacrificing any quality. ​


      Join the community

      Cyril de Vroom

      CEO & Director of Imagineering

      Founder of innovation agency Wij Doen Dingen (We Do Things) and mixed reality specialist.
      At WDD he creates and coordinates innovative experiences with impact through extensive research and the smart use of new technology.

      Over the last 15 years he’s become the go-to innovation guru for international brands such as Google, Samsung, T-Mobile, Formula 1, Martin Garrix, Rituals and many more.

      Hey Cyril... can you develop and invest into an auto-scoring steel-tip dartboard synced to a worldwide network with online matchmaking possibilities and unmatched accuracy?
      ‘Sure, challenge accepted.’

      Klaas Nagel

      Chief Financial Officer

      Jarne Cooijmans

      Technical Lead

      arne has a strong affinity for technology and its integration into products and experiences. He enjoys creating and breaking things to achieve the most effective products and impressive experiences. Technical excellence and quality are paramount in this process for Jarne, and he will not rest until everything operates flawlessly.

      Jesper van der Meer

      Creative Director

      Jesper is an experienced and original concept guru and design evangelist, as well as a talk-and-image creator. He can rightfully be called an innovative, technological, and conceptual frontrunner.

      Pieter Verhees

      Prof. in math and science

      Pieter is the quintessential expert in the technical core of our ring. He excels in integrating logic, science, creativity, technology, and engineering. Collaborating with programmers, he guarantees excellence and a seamlessly operational hardware solution. You could say that Pieter is our proverbial sheep with five legs.

      Lex van Rossum

      Chief Data & Security

      Lex excels in realizing technically challenging and diverse projects. This can range from developing platforms, apps, databases, websites to creating interactive installations where various disciplines such as design, interaction design, assembly, AI, security and coding converge.

      Lights. Camera's. Action. WEDO darts.

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